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Our Local Accounting Services


At Count On Us Accounting, we specialise in bookkeeping for small businesses. Our services encompass establishing a tailored chart of accounts, adeptly managing your expenses, and ensuring compliance with local and regional tax regulations. We navigate through the multifaceted task of reconciling various income streams, while vigilantly monitoring your expenditures to enhance your bottom line. Our meticulous expense tracking extends to all your investments, offering you lucid insights into your financial performance. Our financial reporting enables you to make informed, timely decisions, ensuring a seamless financial management experience.

Business Advisory & Strategy

In our Business Advisory role, we provide specific guidance to bolster your small business’s success. We assist you in navigating through the dynamic business landscape, offering advice on crucial aspects like pricing strategies, inventory management, and more. We transform your data into actionable insights that drive growth. From optimizing your investments to streamlining your operations, we provide strategic recommendations that enhance efficiency and profitability.

Tax Planning & Asset Protection

Count On Us Accounting excels in tax planning and asset protection for small businesses. Our strategies are crafted to safeguard your assets and minimise tax liabilities. Understanding the unique tax rules applicable to various industries, we identify opportunities for tax savings and ensure compliance. We also guide you in structuring your business to optimally protect your assets, ensuring the financial strength of your business. With us, you gain a partner dedicated to enhancing your profits while safeguarding your assets.

Financial Statements & Tax

We specialise in crafting financial statements and managing tax services for small businesses. Our team navigates through your complex tax requirements, dealing with various tax laws pertinent to your business locations. We ensure you’re meeting all your tax obligations and identify opportunities to optimise your tax position. From reconciling GST and PAYG to coordinating trust distributions, our primary aim is to enhance your business’s financial health, allowing you to focus on its growth.

Virtual CFO Services

Our Virtual CFO Services offer small businesses the financial expertise they need without the full-time commitment. We assist you in analysing sales trends, customer behavior, and operating costs to optimise your profitability. From providing insights on cash flow management to monitoring key performance metrics, we guide your financial strategy. Utilizing real-time data and detailed financial forecasts, we support decision-making, risk assessment, and strategic planning, acting as your financial ally.

New Business Setup

We simplify the process of setting up your new small business. Providing guidance on selecting the optimal business structure for tax efficiency and liability protection, we navigate through the maze of registrations, business licenses, and other compliance requirements specific to your industry. From establishing an effective management system to setting up seamless integration with your chosen platforms, we ensure your startup is equipped with a solid financial foundation from day one.

What your free financial audit
and strategy looks like


Financial & Tax Audit

we conduct comprehensive audits across all financial areas of your small business. Our goal is straightforward: to minimise your tax burden and maximise your profits. We dive into everything We including revenues, debts, insurance, payroll and all your assets (plus more) finding ways to optimise cash flow. We also assess your financial statements, look at the way your business is setup and structured from an accounting perspective, seeking out profit opportunities you may have missed.


Your Financial Growth Strategy

We create a detailed, easy-to-follow plan that focuses on boosting your business’s profits and cutting down on taxes. We dive into finding ways to trim expenses and enhance earnings. The plan includes how you can improve cash flows, managing debts effectively, and make sure all actions are legally sound to avoid penalties. We also focus on safeguarding your business from financial risks and advising on smart, safe investments. Depending on your goals, we can look at suggestions to streamline operations and go into future financial planning.


Consultation On Strategy

We schedule a dedicated session to discuss your personalised plan and take you through everything. Our step-by-step walkthrough is designed to clarify all aspects of the plan, addressing any queries you might have. We ensure you will come out feeling confident, and our expert team will be able to implement this plan when you are ready to do so, obligation-free.

Get A Free Financial Audit & Strategy To Grow Your Business

  • Complete Financial & Tax Assessment
  • Consultation to Understand Your Business Goals
  • Complete Financial Strategy To Maximise Growth

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Why choose Count On Us?

Small Business Focus

We immerse ourselves in understanding small businesses, having worked with countless local businesses in various industries, helping them grow and thrive. We comprehend the unique challenges and opportunities you encounter daily, from expense management to local tax compliance. Our profound knowledge of the small business landscape enables us to deliver solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Genuinely Personalized Approach

We consistently dedicate time to understand your business, lifestyle, objectives, and challenges. Our personalised attention ensures that we formulate strategies that are in alignment with your specific needs. With Count On Us, you’re not merely a client – you’re a valued partner whom every member of our team is invested in.

Financial Clarity

Our adept team equips you with the tools and expertise to attain a lucid understanding of your finances. With our guidance, you’ll make informed decisions, enhance profitability, and reach your financial objectives. We believe that financial clarity is the cornerstone of enduring success.

Support for Growth

As your trusted ally, we serve as an extension of your team. We comprehend your distinctive business needs and tailor our services to propel your growth. With our guidance, you’ll navigate through challenges, grasp opportunities, and attain sustained success. Count On Us to be with you at every juncture.

Business Expertise That Matters

Our team of seasoned accountants and tax professionals brings profound knowledge and expertise to cater to your business’s financial needs. Being small business owners and managers ourselves, we bring a potent perspective that most accounting teams simply can’t offer. You’ll gain confidence in your financial decisions and optimize your financial potential with a partner that resonates with your journey.

About Us

Meet Viral Shah, Founder of Count On Us Accounting

Meet Viral Shah, the driving force behind Count On Us Accounting, a specialist in guiding small businesses. With entrepreneurial roots and deep understanding of the nuances of running a business, Viral resonates with the aspirations and hurdles of small business owners. His journey, from managing accounts to diving into the entrepreneurial sphere, equipped him with rare insights into the unique challenges small businesses encounter.

In 2018, Viral launched Count On Us Accounting, a beacon for small businesses seeking not just number crunching, but valuable financial strategies for growth and resilience. He is fully qualified as a Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent, ASIC Agent, and holder of a Diploma in Financial Planning and has hands-on business experience.

Away from nurturing business growth, Viral is passionate about sports, travel, family time, and a refreshing cup of coffee. He thrives on brainstorming sessions and is always open to innovative collaborations.

Opting for Count On Us means selecting a companion who gets the small business journey. With Viral and his adept team, you secure more than just financial services; you acquire allies fervently committed to your business’s success.


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